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physiq body sculpting

Get Swimsuit Ready With Physiq Body Sculpting

Are you dealing with problem areas that simply won’t get toned no matter how much you work out or diet? This can be incredibly frustrating! After all, you’re putting in the work – but not seeing the results. Believe it or not, this situation is common, especially as you approach middle age. Your body composition may change (not for the better) even though your lifestyle habits have not. If this sounds like you, read on to learn about Physiq body sculpting.

What Is Physiq And How Does It Work?

This revolutionary technology uses STEP technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse)┬áto non-surgically tone muscle and encourage tissue remodeling. It’s essentially a combination of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and a type of energy called super luminescent diode matrix (SDM). These two work together to strengthen muscle and reduce fat.

During treatment, we will place the applicator pads on the target area and make you comfortable. Most people report a warming sensation that is not painful. Sessions run for a maximum of 36 minutes (smaller areas will take less time), so you’ll be in and out quickly! After your treatment, you’ll be instructed to massage the area with Physiq’s specially formulated lotion to help maximize your results. Typically, people will need 5 sessions spaced around 1 week apart to see the most positive change, but we will discuss your individual treatment plan during a consultation.

How Physiq Body Sculpting Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Along with New Year’s resolutions to make healthy changes to your lifestyle, you can also consider Physiq body sculpting to help you reach those goals. This treatment is not a replacement for a good diet and exercise program, but it can help you tone those trouble areas. Start your sessions now to be swimsuit ready when the warmer weather arrives! To learn more about this treatment and if it might be right for you, book a consultation with us.

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