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Are your frustrated with you current body weight? The scale has nudged up over the years for many of us. We all know that a healthy diet and body weight can help us with our overall health but attaining these goals can seem insurmountable.  Cherry Bend Health & Wellness is proud to offer a medically directed weight loss program geared towards a healthier new you. With the help of our medical experts our program focuses on the individual person and provides a supportive yet aggressive weight loss approach. We look forward to helping you start your weight loss journey at Cherry Bend Health & Wellness today!


Introducing the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss Program

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program is designed to eliminate the body’s fat deposits, particularly targeting the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face. It has also been suggested that hCG plays a role in establishing a new weight “set point” for the body, making it less likely to return to your previous weight.

The hCG weight loss protocol consists of a very low-calorie diet accompanied by injectable treatments of hCG along with weekly visits with a medical weight loss specialist. The average patient experiences rapid weight loss averaging 0.5-2 lbs per day. The first phase is followed by a maintenance phase where you can add in more fruits, veggies and proteins (but no sugar or starches!). Eventually more sugars and starches are slowly added back to the diet. The protocol length can vary based on patient. This can be determined by you and your weight loss medical specialist. In addition to loss of unwanted fat, the true benefit of the hCG protocol is its ability to help modify the patient’s relationship with food and eating habits, resulting in long term weight loss.

Clean Start Weight Loss® Program benefits include:

  • Medically Supervised Diet Program
  • Comprehensive lab testing and medical history
  • No Packaged Meals – Eat Real Food – This means you get to learn how to make smarter choices AND save money!
  • Increased Fat loss with “Fat Burning” Vitamin B and lipotropic injections
  • You will receive a comprehensive support package that includes: Guidebook, Food Journal, Tip Sheets, Shopping List and a Cookbook with over 50 recipes!
  • Increased Energy–with Vitamin Injections
  • Long Term Weight Loss Success – Learn a new healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight loss
  • Burns fat, not Muscle
  • Resets Your Metabolism
  • No Intense Exercise Needed

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