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Struggling With Midlife Body Composition Changes?

As women enter their 40s, it’s common to notice changes in the body related to the onset of perimenopause. Unfortunately, as a society, we’ve done a terrible job at educating women about what to expect during midlife. This time can come as a surprise and shock to many. Especially as you’re finally coming out of the fog of parenting young children or making great strides in your career when all of the sudden things start to go a little haywire. Maybe it starts with irregular cycles, but then you start experiencing new onset or worsening anxiety, insomnia, and to top it off – your body starts to change. Even with no change in exercise or diet, many women begin to struggle to maintain a healthy weight and keep muscle. If this sounds like you – we have good news! Physiq body sculpting can help target and tone those trouble spots and help you get your body back.

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physiq body sculpting

Get Swimsuit Ready With Physiq Body Sculpting

Are you dealing with problem areas that simply won’t get toned no matter how much you work out or diet? This can be incredibly frustrating! After all, you’re putting in the work – but not seeing the results. Believe it or not, this situation is common, especially as you approach middle age. Your body composition may change (not for the better) even though your lifestyle habits have not. If this sounds like you, read on to learn about Physiq body sculpting.

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body contouring

New Combination Treatment For Body Contouring

If your 2024 goals include tackling those trouble spots and getting the body you’ve always wanted, we can help! So many people struggle to get the lean, toned look they desire even with diet and exercise. Fortunately, there are effective, non-invasive options to address this concern. We are so excited to offer a new combination treatment package this year that yields body contouring results you’ll have to see to believe.

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physiq body sculpting

Say Goodbye To Problem Areas With Physiq Body Sculpting

Even with the most diligent approach to nutrition and exercise, many people find that certain areas of their bodies just don’t respond how they would like. Whether it’s the love handles or inner thighs, it can be frustrating to work hard without seeing results. Fortunately, there is a solution! Physiq Body Sculpting is the latest innovation in non-surgical body contouring. Now you can get the toned physique you want -without undergoing surgery and with NO downtime.

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muscle toning

Muscle Toning With Physiq!

Are you frustrated that your diet and exercise regimen aren’t making the impact you’d like on those stubborn areas? The truth is, there may be areas on your body that just hold on to extra fat no matter what you do. Especially as we age, it becomes harder and harder to get – and keep – a leaner physique. But now, with the new, non-invasive technology in Physiq, we can help you get the muscle toning results you desire.

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body toning

Get The Results You Want With Physiq Body Toning

Every day we see people in the office that are frustrated with their diet or exercise routine because it’s not giving them the results they expect. We know how incredibly unmotivating that can be! After all, you’re putting in hard work – but there are stubborn areas that just won’t seem to change. With the innovative Physiq platform, we are able to give you a boost and target areas on your body that haven’t responded to anything else. This treatment offers incredible body toning results, helping you reach your goals and stay on track!

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Sculpt Your Body With PHYSIQ

With the New Year comes all of those resolutions – taking better care of yourself, hitting the gym, drinking more water. These are all great goals! But sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough when it comes to stubborn areas on the body. Whether it’s love handles, a mom pooch, or saddlebags, it can be frustrating to put in hard work and not see the results you desire. Now, with PHYSIQ body sculpting, we can tighten and tone those problem spots, giving you the body you’ve always wanted.

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