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enlarged pores

Shrink Enlarged Pores With A Professional Detox Facial

When it comes to professional level skin care, do not discount the power of a good facial! There’s a reason why we still offer facials even in the age of advanced laser treatments – because they work! Facials can easily be customized to target specific issues, like acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation, signs of aging, and more. For skin texture issues like congested pores, blackheads, and dullness, we love the Pore Refining Detox Facial.

Are You Plagued By Enlarged Pores?

If you’re noticing that your pores are becoming more visible and seem larger than they did in your twenties, you’re not imagining things! This does actually happen. As we age, there are a variety of factors that coincide, leading to the appearance of enlarged pores. Firstly, less collagen and elastin in the skin means results in less elasticity around the pores. This causes them to appear more open, and thus larger. Then, we have the compound effect of decades of environmental exposure to dirt, bacteria, and the sun (sweat). The now more open pores attract more “gunk” which makes them more visible. Other elements like genetics may also contribute to pore size, as well as your level of sebum production.

Regular Facials Can Help

The best way to treat enlarged pores is to stay on top of regular cleaning (yes, that’s twice a day!) and to mix in a periodic pore-targeting facial. Our Pore Refining Detox Facial is a professional grade treatment that deep cleans into pores. It features a blend of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids that effectively penetrate the skin and dissolve dirt and debris, clearing the pores and clarifying your skin. If you struggle with breakout prone skin, scheduling a facial like this once or twice a month will help greatly.

To learn more about this facial or any of our other offerings, schedule a consultation with us. We can sit down and talk about the concerns you have with your skin and suggest treatment options that will get you the best results.

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