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Be Hair Free & Care Free with effective laser hair removal treatments with our Motus AZ Device

We are so pleased to offer laser treatments with the revolutionary Motus AZ+ for pain-free hair removal and eliminating vascular and pigmented lesions. Using the signature Moveo (move, in Italian) technology, this system is unlike any other laser platform. Traditional laser treatments utilize an up-and-down zapping motion, applying bursts of energy to the skin.

But Motus AZ+ is different. The handpiece glides smoothly across the skin, maintaining contact with a cooling sapphire tip. As a result, treatments are incredibly comfortable, safe, and effective.
What is Moveo technology?

Moveo delivery is the technological breakthrough that made the Deka Motus AX & AY devices synonymous with pain-free laser hair removal for all skin-types. This proprietary Moveo technology was developed to deliver pain-free hair removal and overcome the traditional limitations of the Alexandrite 755nm laser. Now the same technology is available on the Motus AZ+ for pigmented lesion, skin revitalization, and diffused vascular lesions with the Nd:YAG 1064nm laser.

Moveo technology uses simple, continuous movements over a small area gradually delivering a precise dosage of energy to the targeted tissue without damaging the surrounding skin. The cooled sapphire tip on the Motus AZ+ makes treatments safe and completely comfortable for the patient.

What makes this treatment unique?

Most laser systems require a spacer between the energy source and the skin and deliver the energy through the air. These devices emit energy that is largely reflected or refracted by the skin thus reducing the energy available for therapeutic purposes. The unique Moveo handpiece was designed to solve this problem. The sapphire tip and contact cooling handpiece glides directly on the skin, enabling nearly 100% energy absorption. The result is double the energy transfer compared to other laser devices.

Will treatment hurt?

The Deka Motus AZ+ “in-motion” Alexandrite and Nd:YAG gradual heating eliminates the “rubber-band” sensation that most laser devices generate. Instead, treatments are comfortable and quick. The large 20mm sapphire tip means areas can be treated quickly. The Motus AZ+ also features integrated contact cooling to add to the unmatched comfort.

Through more comfortable treatments, practices are seeing their hair removal business not only grow but prosper!

Is it available for all skin types and pigments?

One of the revolutionary aspects of the Motus AZ+ is the ability to offer SkinclusiveTM Alexandrite laser hair removal technology to patients with ALL skin tones from light to dark.

Practitioners no longer need to settle for Nd:YAG or diode lasers for hair removal on patients with dark skin. With the Motus laser devices, all patients can achieve optimal laser hair removal clearance in fewer treatment sessions. This ultimately translates to a broader community of satisfied patients, while providers are naming the Motus AZ+ laser the best laser hair removal device in the market.

Laser Hair Removal With Motus AZ+ Moveo HR

Now you can finally enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without the hassle of shaving and waxing! The Motus AZ+ platform features the powerful SkinclusiveTM Alexandrite (755 nm) laser, which makes hair removal a breeze on all skin types and colors. In addition, the “in motion” Moveo technology eliminates that classic “snapping rubberband” sensation that’s typical with other lasers. Treatments with Motuz AZ+ are performed with a large handpiece that moves directly across your skin in a gliding motion. The integrated sapphire cooling tip keeps the surface of your skin comfortable while the precise, but gradual, delivery of laser energy targets the hair follicles. Because of the direct contact with the skin, we see 100% energy absorption and twice the energy transfer rate as other laser systems. In other words, each session is highly efficient – which means you’ll see results faster than ever. 

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