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Achieve A Healthy Weight With Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Did you know that, according to a recent poll, the average person will try 126 diets over the course of their lifetime? What’s more, people typically abandon these diets after just 6 days! We know how frustrating it can be to try to achieve a healthy weight – and stay there. Many clients come to us reporting that they have tried everything and still feel that they aren’t comfortable in their bodies. Cherry Bend can help! As a health and wellness medical spa, we focus on helping our clients look and feel their best – both inside and outside. Our medically supervised weight loss program is designed to get you back on track, with accountability and lifestyle changes that keep it off for good.

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program

We utilize a comprehensive approach to weight loss because there are a variety of factors that contribute to weight gain. Lifestyle choices like diet, exercise, and stress can make it difficult to lose weight and keep it off. A key component of the Clean Start program is hCG, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Research suggests that it plays an important role in maintaining your body’s “set weight.” As a result, this makes it less likely that you will gain the weight back. In addition, we utilize a real, whole foods diet and gentle movement to create new healthy habits. Our medical weight loss program is custom tailored to each individual depending on your unique needs. Your custom program includes:

  • Lab testing
  • Ongoing supervision
  • Vitamin B and lipotropic injections
  • Guidebook, cookbook, food journal, and more
  • Real food suggestions – no packaged meals!
  • Long term results

We set you up for success with all of these tools. Plus, you’ll have accountability along the way.

Get Started On Your Healthy Weight Journey Today!

If you have any questions about this program and how it can help you achieve your healthy weight, schedule a consultation. We will discuss your medical history and your weight loss goals to determine if this program is the right fit for you.

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