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Get The Results You Want With Physiq Body Toning

Every day we see people in the office that are frustrated with their diet or exercise routine because it’s not giving them the results they expect. We know how incredibly unmotivating that can be! After all, you’re putting in hard work – but there are stubborn areas that just won’t seem to change. With the innovative Physiq platform, we are able to give you a boost and target areas on your body that haven’t responded to anything else. This treatment offers incredible body toning results, helping you reach your goals and stay on track!

Physiq Body Toning Is A Non-Surgical Way To Get A Leaner Look!

This state of the art treatment uses STEP technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) which incorporates electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and deep heat to encourage tissue remodeling. This combination effectively tones muscle (like doing hundreds of repititions at the gym) and improves the quality of surrounding tissue. Using four different applicators, we are able to target large and small areas all over the body. Over a series of treatments, you’ll notice your body becoming more toned and a reduction in fat tissue.

How Long Does It Take?

Most people will require a series of five treatments spaced about 1 week apart to see the maximum benefits of Physiq. However the sessions themselves require very little time – 40 minutes or less. During a treatment, patients typically feel a warming sensation. You’ll also be given a control button to adjust the intensity to your comfort level. Plus, there’s no downtime! Return to your regular activities right after treatment.

Physiq’s unique treatment platform offers incredible body toning results without surgery or other more invasive methods. To find out if you might be a candidate for this treatment, schedule a consultation with us. We’ll discuss any concerns you have and your goals and help you decide if Physiq is right for you.

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