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Motus AZ Laser Hair Reduction Service

We are so excited to offer laser hair reduction service with the new Motus AZ treatment platform! If you’ve been considering hair reduction, now is the time to come in and discuss this life-changing procedure. Utilizing proprietary technology, Motus makes laser hair reduction more comfortable than ever. So many of our clients wish they had started sooner, saving hours of time maintaining smooth, hair-free skin! Let’s learn more about why Motus AZ is different than other laser treatments.

How Does Motus AZ Work?

Traditional laser for hair reduction uses a “zapping” pulse pattern, creating that snapping rubber band feeling that you’ve probably heard associated with this treatment. Unfortunately, this can be a reason many people decide not to pursue treatment. Because several sessions are required, it’s a commitment to show up to a treatment that’s uncomfortable! But Motus AZ is different. It features special “moveo” technology that allows us to treat the skin with a smooth, gliding handpiece. The handpiece has built-in cooling contact and remains on the skin throughout treatment, making it the most comfortable type of laser treatment available! Plus, it’s incredibly efficient – so treatment sessions are short, even for large areas. Overall, people typically need less sessions than with other types of laser hair reduction .

Who Is A Candidate For Laser Hair Reduction Service?

Early laser technology made it difficult to treat certain skin color/hair color combinations. In fact, you may have been told before that you weren’t a good candidate. Fortunately, the SkinclusiveTM Alexandrite laser in the Motus platform is able to detect hair follicles accurately on all skin tones and types. In other words, if you weren’t able to get laser hair reduction 5-10 years ago, try again!

Because laser hair removal or reduction takes time, it’s best to start your treatments as soon as possible! Come in for a consultation to discuss it and let us assure you that this is a viable treatment option for you.

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