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Try our Newest Medical Weight Loss Programs to shed those unwanted pounds!

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and keep it off, we know how frustrating that is! In fact, you’re not alone at all. Many people have a hard time getting to a healthy weight, even if they are actively exercising and watching their diet. Sometimes, we just need a little extra help! Our Clean Start Medical Weight Loss Program is designed to help you dial in those healthy habits with the support of our staff. And now, our clients can see even faster results with new injection options. Read on to find out more.

MIC +B12 + Vitamin C to Boost Energy And Promote Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of the “skinny shot”? These MIC+B12+Vitamin C injections pack a powerful combination of vitamins and nutrients your body needs to properly utilize food as fuel and support your metabolism. “MIC” stands for Methionine, Inositol, and Choline, a trio of essential nutrients that facilitate liver function, promote healthy cholesterol levels, and detox the body. These combined with B12 (which many people are deficient in) can jump-start your metabolism, giving you increased energy and helping you lose weight.

Accelerate Results With Doctor Prescribed Medication

In addition to our MIC + B12 + C injections & Clean Start Program, we are now proud to offer supportive weight loss medications. The benefits of semaglutide (Wegovy & Ozempic) in helping overweight and obese individuals lose weight and keep it off are well known. We are now offering a medically supervised program offering compounded semaglutide through our specialty pharmacy with the same great weight loss benefits at a lower cost! When used in combination with our supportive diet and exercise plans, we see accelerated results. Once patients see the effect of their hard work in the program, they are more committed to the long-term lifestyle changes that will keep the weight off for good!

You’re In Safe Hands With A Medical Weight Loss Program

The amount of information out there about weight loss can truly be overwhelming! Many of our clients simply don’t know where to begin. When you work with Cherry Bend, our practitioners support you every step of the way. We follow up regularly to check on your progress and make changes if necessary.

To learn more about Clean Start and our weight loss injection options, call or book a free weight loss constultation today.

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