Body Sculpting in Traverse City

Everything You Wish You Knew About Body Sculpting in Traverse City

Body sculpting is the generic titled used to describe a wide range of medical procedures used to shrink areas of unwanted and difficult to lose body fat, and reshape the body to give it a slimmer appearance. Body sculpting in Traverse City, MI (along with the rest of the medical aesthetics world) has seen a tremendous increase in the popularity and variety of available treatment options. Thanks to technological breakthroughs in laser, radio frequency, electric pulse, and sequential thermal technology in recent years, lots of competitive solutions have hit the market and it seems like there are more coming to light every day. So how do you know if one of these body sculpting solutions is right for you? And how do you know which one to choose? Keep reading to find out…

There are many different body sculpting techniques—some surgical, some not. Which one is best for you would be determined in a consultation with the medical professional you visit for your treatment. The expert medical aesthetics providers at Cherry Bend Health and Wellness will be happy to provide a no-obligation consult session to discuss our in house options. But before we get to that, lets do some exploration about local options for body sculpting in Traverse City, MI.

Local Options for Body Sculpting in Traverse City

As you’ll see, we’ve done our research. We explored several options before choosing our favorite solution for body sculpting treatments. Here are the options we considered and some of the details about why we’ve chosen the Physiq Body Sculpting solution to be featured at Cherry Bend Health & Wellness.

PHYSIQ Body Sculpting in Traverse City

We chose the PHYSIQ Body Sculpting system because it stood out as a clear industry leader in the categories that we care the most about: It provides incredible results, it offers quick and non-invasive treatments that are comfortable and affordable.

Unlike other fat reducing and muscle enhancing treatments, PHYSIQ is different. It uses a specialized technology known as STEP (Sequential Thermal and Electrical Pulse), which is exclusive to the device. The STEP technology allows heat and muscle stimulation to alternate throughout the treatment to create optimal results and optimal patient comfort.


SculptSure is a procedure called laser lipolysis (or ‘laser liposuction’) which uses heat from light-based technology to melt fat cells. The fat is basically dissolved into your system and body consumes the broken-down fat cells into your lymphatic system for excretion. SculptSure involves no surgery whatsoever and the technique employs special applicators that are secured to your body. These devices heat your skin to destroy the fat underneath and leave you with a slimmer, more contoured figure. Ultimately we decided against this treatment because of the high rate of patient complaints about discomfort during treatment and aches/soreness afterwords. Though this is considered to a “no downtime” treatment, we were happy with the test results of the PHYSIQ system.

Cryotherapy Fat Reduction and Body Scuplting

The theory behind cryotherapy is that it freezes fat cells throughout the body and kills them off. This causes them to be filtered out of the body by your liver and permanently removed from areas of fat tissue. Some devices that are available for treatment here in Traverse City offer cryotherapy in conjunction with EMS pulse therapy to stimulate the muscles during the same treatment where fat is being “frozen off”. Unfortunately, the patient experience for these treatments is rated very poorly and the manufacturers that we spoke with just didn’t have the data to backup their claims of effectiveness.

In the end, PHYSIQ Body Sculpting was the clear winner for our practice. As the top-rated patient reviews continue to roll in, we’re more confident in our choice every day, and we know that you will be too. If you’d like to discuss body sculpting treatment options or any of our other aesthetics treatments or primary care services, please contact us today at (231) 929-7681

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