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Get Maximum Results With Physician Skin Care

Are you tired of wasting time and money on products that don’t work? Finding a skin care routine seems to be a lifelong pursuit, as new products constantly hit the market promising the best results. In addition, tackling skin issues can seem like a moving target. If you consider yourself to be a “product junkie” but still find yourself struggling with issues like acne or pigmentation, this post is for you. At Cherry Bend, we want you to look and feel your best. We utilize specially formulated physician skin care regimens to help you tackle your skin issues once and for all.

Why Choose Physician Skin Care?

These unique skin care lines are developed with the ultimate therapeutic benefits in mind. Physician skin care, or medical-grade skin care, products are formulated with high-potency ingredients that address specific concerns. We offer a range of options for common issues like acne, fine lines/wrinkles, pigmentation, and more. Plus, clinical testing ensures they provide the results as advertised. Because of the powerful ingredients and specialized formulas, only physicians and licensed medical professionals can provide offer these products to their patients.

Our Skin Health Partners

We regularly recommend regimens from three cutting-edge skin care companies, all using the latest in skin science to develop incredibly effective products. As we go from puberty to adulthood and beyond, our skin goes through many changes. These comprehensive skin care systems allow us to treat your skin at any age or stage. You can’t get results like this with a pharmacy or beauty brand.

  • PCA Skin – Formulated without harsh or irritating ingredients, these products treat acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and fine lines and wrinkles.
  • AnteAGEĀ® – Features the most advanced, regenerative anti-aging technology like stem cell growth factors and cytokines to turn back the clock on your appearance.
  • Revision Skincare – Anti-aging skin care that protects your long-term skin health.

Are you ready to level up your skin care? Above all, a simple and effective at-home routine is critical to healthy, beautiful skin. To learn more about our skin care products, schedule a consultation with us today! We will discuss your concerns and help you find a system to give you your best skin yet.

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